beyond hierarchy 

Why collaborate

"The innovation blind spot...your success depends not just on your own efforts but also on the ability, willingness and likelihood that the partners that make up your innovation ecosystem succeed as well."

"The Wide Lens, What Successful Innovators See that Others Miss"

Prof. dr. Ron Adner


Impending disruption is a reality that no organisation can ignore today. Society faces increasingly complex challenges.


The speed of change surpasses the reach and capabilities of individual organisations. 


You can turn risk into opportunity by confidently engaging in daring collaborations. 


By embracing the wave of change that hits us today, leaders can steer teams towards sustainable results, growth and innovation.


Research shows that adopting a collaborative approach and operating in networks of organisations is an effective way to reach and exceed goals, generate impact and spark systemic change. 


Together we can tackle challenges and deliver solutions that surpass our individual capabilities. 



What we do

Noventus guides organisations and networks to help them achieve their boldest vision by collaborating more effectively. By facilitating trust among stakeholders and connecting people in a tested and structured process, we tap into the growth opportunities of collaborative efforts. We turn them into actionable strategies that lead to enduring results and impact. Our services are tuned to the phase and scope of your collaborative venture and tailored to support your team's competences.


Building the


Key to successful  collaborations are a shared purpose and  a clear mission and vision. 

We design inter-organisational structures and processes that enable such collaborations. 




It' s the people who bring collaboration to life.  We help teams set their course by providing  knowledge, tools and methodologies. Teams that know how to hoist the sails will go further than any captain running a tight ship can make them go.


Making it


Smart collaboration leads to increased effectiveness.

Skilled network coordination  or facilitation is key in bringing the network's vision into motion. We back you in this process or take up that role for you.



the efforts

Collaborations are in constant motion, or they should be. Are you ready and able to turn their versatility into opportunity? 

Noventus provides evaluations and analysis of collaborations, and helps them catch wind in their sails (again). 

How we work

When tackling complex challenges and designing transformative solutions with partners, being able to tap into the combined resources and lift those to the next level, can create a true win-win. Our signature approach is designed to do just that. This is our way of working:



For collaboration to achieve its purpose, we need and want all hands on deck. Involving people enables commitment and leads to supported solutions and excellence in execution.



On a complex journey, skilled guides help you pave your path. They understand that success is a journey, not a destination, and hand the team a compass rather than leading

their way. 



If you can imagine it, it's possible! 

We help you to confidently explore new horizons by playfully and creatively imagineering the path towards your purpose. 

Daring to reframe gives you the edge.

There is no such thing as a "one size fits all" approach to tackle challenges. The Noventus Toolbox contains propriety frameworks, tested models and evidence based formats that will be tailored to mobilize your team, forge sustainable partnerships or transform new ideas into lasting solutions. 

Examples of our approach include: