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Discover how Noventus guides collaborations across organisational borders and helps forge sustainable solutions that unleash the value potential within multi stakeholder environments.  

Belgian Healthcare Knowledge Center 


The Belgian Minister of Health, Mrs. dr. De Block, wished to create an organisation network that improves the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of primary healthcare through increasing the design, dissemination and implementation of Evidence-Based Practice guidelines. Funding was made available to bundle all efforts already performed in this field and make the transition towards a single, coordinated organisation network. Noventus facilitated the full process.

Maintenance Partners

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With 160 staff in 7 divisions, Maintenance Partners offers engineered services and solutions on rotating equipment to customers in all branches of the industry. Noventus set up an integration process to optimise cooperation between the various (once merged) divisions. 

We worked closely with the team to identify the challenges, prioritised them and installed iMPactteams to kick-off implementation. A tailored monitoring dashboard allowed smooth follow-up and, if required, adjustment of plans.