Innovation Camps

"Ceci n'est pas un workshop"


Both in business and society, we need to go beyond the ordinary to be able to create breakthroughs in understanding the complex issues and stuck situations we are faced with. We can do so by adopting a start-up mentality. That means trying fast, scaling fast - even if that means failing fast - and  experimenting and prototyping in real world settings. 



The Innovation Camp is a very resource efficient methodology to achieve output and shared understanding on innovation and development challenges. This participatory discovery process stimulates stakeholder collaboration, explores opportunities for open innovations and helps eliminate obstacles that block it. 


Provide an arena for dialogue where we foster mutual understanding. In a facilitated environment, your challenges will be framed and reframed from different perspectives, while keeping long term impact as guiding principle.

Rules in the arena:

  • shared ownership 

  • mutual empowerment

  • creative collaboration


  • A condensed Camp phase, embedded in a goal-oriented process, tailored to your challenges. 

  • After the Camp you have a set of potential solutions for further feasibility check, refining and testing. 

  • It is an opportunity for personal development, where you meet complete strangers and become co-allies of a strategy after 2 or 3 days.

  • We propel output to outcome and impact in a timed process


  • A Challenge Owner with a strong commitment to go beyond the Camp phase. Must have the power to influence, take decisions and must be responsible for changes in the challenge domain.

  • A heterogeneous group of participants with expertise and insights on a very broad spectrum. Cross-division, -organization or -sector is key. 

  • A moderator who does not interfere in the content, but keeps the timing for result.

=> enter in a self-configuring collective process of solution seeking through reframing

PHASES : output => outcome (18 to 24 months) => impact (5 to 6 years)

  • preparation

  • Interaction: face-to-face & virtual, iterative

  • Output:

    • Prototyping:: 6 weeks + 6 months ; a best guess, rough and unfinished, work-in-progress. Inspires questions, facilitates dialogue and opens new perspectives

    • Follow-through (6 to 9 months)

  • Outcome (18 to 24 months)​

  • Impact (5 to 6 years)