“You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than you can from a lifetime of conversation”


The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) methodology is a scientifically developed method that helps companies and organizations handle complexity, increase dialogue, and unleash innovation and creativity. Research shows that LSP facilitated workshops help people in organizations see their challenges in new ways, just as they enable people to create new ideas and approaches to their challenges.


The LEGO® bricks serve as a metaphor for things we want to express, creating a common understanding and language. It t is easy and fun to involve all participants, no matter their personality or position in the organisation.Through story making and storytelling, they will build and share new knowledge together and transform insight and awareness into commitment and shared goals.

LSP facilitated workshops are applied for: 

"Using our hands when constructing strategy means making abstract ideas visual and specific. Evidence shows this is a most efficient way to reach profound understanding of the full complexity of our challenges."

Workshop formats 


LSP Inspiration

This workshop introduces the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology as  a result oriented process tool and a facilitated group process. Participants learn to shape their thoughts by building 3D models and sharing them with others through storytelling and the use of metaphors. 

This workshop is an excellent way of introducing LSP in your organisation and deciding to what extent it could add value.


Take aways:

  • A pleasant experience for all participants on what it means to be fully committed to a process and to unleash creativity.

  • An opportunity to get to know the method and understand how it could be applied in your organisation.

  • You can ask anything you wish to know about the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology.


Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: 6 - 20


LSP Propeller

This workshop focuses on specific challenges for your team, department or organisation. Participants build models about the different perceptions of these challenges and how you are dealing with them. 

By building 3D models with LEGO® bricks, using metaphors and storytelling and sparking imagination, the team develops shared solutions for these challenges.

This workshop will be tailored to match your specific challenge and the required outcome.



  • You work on an existing challenge.

  • You discover new opportunities and solutions and you decide on future actions. 

  • You acquire a new tool that helps you deal better with complexity and change. 


Duration:   3 - 4 hours

Participants: 6 - 100


LSP Real-Time Strategy

This workshop is an innovative way to define mission and vision, to identify values and to develop strategy and long term goals.

We define the core identity of your organisation and build the stakeholders and their interactions into easy to grasp LEGO® landscapes. We test your assumptions about the future in the landscape and develop simple guiding principles for better decision making. This workshop is fully tailor made to your exact needs.


What you gain?

  • Better understanding and shared knowledge on strategy and how to get to the desired state.

  • Insights in challenges and opportunities leading to commitment for execution

  • Better prepared to deal with unexpected changes in the future, to develop innovative and creative plans and to share knowledge. 


Co-facilitated with Marc Sonnaert, Executive facilitator at Inthrface

Duration: 2 - 3 days

Participants: 6 - 20


LSP Collaboration

This workshop is designed to guide organisations that wish to collaborate to achieve results they can not realize on their own. 

We draw upon elements of the Real-Time Strategy workshop by letting participants create a shared understanding on the overarching goal and identity of the network. They identify aspects of their individual corporate identity that support the collaborative goal best and others that are less constructive. The emerging diversity becomes tangible in the three-dimensional LEGO® landscape they build, allowing them to identify strong and weak ties in the network, test scenarios with opportunities and threats and identify simple guiding principles for the collaboration. 

While deepening their social connections, participants gather a profound understanding on complexity, leading to increased willingness and ability to handle network dynamics in the future.


What you gain?

  • A result oriented tool for dealing with diversity and complexity from a collaborative perspective

  • Shared understanding on how your collaborative efforts lead to solutions and opportunities

  • Commitment to create value in a structure which surpasses the individual organisation.


Duration: ½ day - 2 days

Participants: 6 - 100

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