What we do


Building the framework

Key to successful collaborations are a shared purpose and a clear mission and vision. It seems rather obvious. However, research and experience show that participants in a collaboration tend to look at the collaboration through the lens of their own organisation. Even subtle differences in culture or in the interpretation of the goals and processes can lead to loss in efficiency and effectiveness in collaborations. 

​Awareness of and insight into the objectives of a collaboration initiative is the first step to the "win-win" in a successful cooperation process. Are you looking for cost efficiency, do you want to drive your business by putting the spotlight on your product or service while connecting with potential clients or have you been confronted with a complex challenge that transcends the capabilities of your company or organisation?

Once that is clear, the organisational structure and governance model that fit your objective or challenge can be selected and tailored to your specific situation. In this process, Noventus will leverage your business expertise with specific knowledge and expertise to ensure optimal value creation within the collaboration.

What we did for our clients:  

  • Audit of the collaboration and setting up the collaboration dashboard.

  • Stakeholder analysis and visualization of the stakeholder landscape.

  • Design of collaborative mission and vision in co-creation workshops.

  • Defining long term objectives and guiding principles .

  • Design of the governance framework.


  • Manage effectiveness of and efficiency in the network.

  • Achieve sustainable results and impact.


Guiding people

People make collaboration happen! They have the ability to transcend their individual (organisational) objectives and aim at sustainable transformation.

To bring collaboration to life, we believe in a facilitated approach that ensures everyone is on board. Merely getting all noses to point in the same direction is not enough. Deeply rooted trust among stakeholders is the foundation of any collaboration and an essential factor to create true understanding of the assumptions and aspirations of each of the participants. Working on embracing the diversity will pay off as it leverages the innovative capacity and readiness for change.

Equally important in the facilitation process is investing in blending top-down objectives with bottom-up initiatives to create alignment of strategy and operations and anchor the vision organisation-wide. We therefore work on the development of shared leadership skills, the leadership style that oils the wheels of the networked organisation. Moving away from the authoritarian leadership style in the traditional hierarchical organisations is a profound shift to be aware of. This process is intensive and challenging, but rewarding. Involving people with their minds and hearts will prove to be the stairway to growth.

Noventus delivers tailored workshops and consultancy on:

  • leadership in collaborative environments.

  • building trust and creating buy-in.

  • workshop "the diversity propeller".

  • training competences and skills for collaborative ventures.


Making it work

As more people get involved in a collaboration, an exponential increase in connections and complexity emerges. Processes become more time and energy consuming and this can put serious pressure on the collaboration efficiency. Also, over time the perceptions of the actions needed to realize the network's goal might change and the responsiveness to change of the network might not be in line any more with the volatility of the context it is operating in. 

Collaborating does indeed not necessarily increase efficiency. In fact, research shows it does not in most cases. Therefore, regular check-ups and monitoring of the functioning of the network should be embedded in the processes and governance structures. They guarantee continuous value creation within and for the network, and for each of its stakeholders. 

Noventus guides teams while implementing processes and governance structures. By taking up this (temporary) role, Noventus helps ensure effective allocation and optimization of the resources in the collaborative environment. Merging talents and efforts leads to a result that is bigger than the sum of its parts. 

Sessions on building your stairway to effectiveness can be focused, short  & strategic or part of a longer trajectory with operational interventions. We can work on a wide spectrum of topics, such as:

  • NCAAS: network coordination as-a-service

  • strategy implementation.

  • balancing efficiency and effectiveness.

  • managing complexity in collaborative environments.


Revitalising the efforts

Building networks is sometimes compared with building houses of cards: it takes a lot of care and time, and yet collapse can be quick and dirty. Networks too tend to be unstable by nature. For a wide spectrum of possible reasons, they can slide into blocking situations. When this happens, the chance of achieving the intended outcome is reduced and - worse - stakeholders risk losing the resources they invested in the network. Ultimately, the network itself could be considered a waste of effort, leading to active partners gradually reducing  their commitment to the network.  Organisational networks that are confronted with such a participation drainage are at risk of becoming a "zombie network", a faint reflection of the intentions and value-creating potential of the collaboration. 

Another deadlock situation can be open or hidden conflicting interests between the network and stakeholders or among stakeholders themselves. That too will block the smooth functioning of the network and ultimately lead to its under-performance.


But every cloud has a silver lining. Noventus can assist in unveiling the root-causes of underperforming networks and build an evidence-based strategy to implement the changes needed to revitalise the efforts.

Revitalising collaborations is however not just about solving issues. Consciously dedicating time to the partnership itself, without focus on a specific "operational" result, but merely fueling the fire is key in ensuring lasting commitments.

Whether preventive or remedial, rivitalising is about being prepared for an uncertain future, nurturing agility and developing the ability to lift the collaboration to the next level. We develop workshops tailored to your challenge and have worked on topics such as: 

  • the living eco-system.

  • readiness & adaptiveness for change.

  • how to keep the flywheel turning.