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Hello there

Noventus was founded in 2009.

The goal: have a positive impact through collaborative projects.

Noventus acts as knowledge tanker...No, not a think tank, instead a tanker that fills up with knowledge at knowledge sources (academia, top players, ...) and delivers it to knowledge users... Yes, that can be you. We're sure you run a pretty knowledge intensive business in some way. So, if you are in search of a solid way to fill up you're knowledge in the setting of interorganisational collaboration and networked socio-economic systems: Noventus is the partner for you!

Noventus collaborates with businesses, organisations and projects to create positive value in society. Sometimes it's just a one person approach, sometimes a team of like-minded people is gathered around a challenge. This allows Noventus to go beyond the limitations of a micro-organisation.

What: the main working area of Noventus are complex challenges. Networked collaboration is an optimal organisation setup for solving complex or even wicked challenges. These challenges can be very local or global.

How: Noventus aims to create value through deep knowledge and expertise. Yes, there are standardised processes and service packages, but the application and implementation is always unique and taylored towards the challenges.

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